Christian Fry
Writer, co-Director and Producer

Christian Fry brings a unique background to film and television production. Christian grew up in the worlds of advertising and visual arts. His father has worked for thirty five years as a successful freelance advertising photographer and his mother enjoys a career as an accomplished fine art photographer.

From his earliest days he has enjoyed the world of images and the stories they tell. Christian’s first and life-long passion is for the ocean and her animals.

During the late ‘90s, Christian joined The Whaleman Foundation in filming, editing and producing environmental documentary films highlighting issues facing marine mammals and their habitats. They produced films for the United Nations, the International Whaling Commission and the US House and Senate, to name but a few.

The Foundation’s award winning films have been instrumental in victories for the gray whales of Washington State and San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja, and whales and dolphins globally with the defeat of the Navy’s proposed Low-Frequency Active Sonar System.

Christian is an instrument-rated private pilot who owns and flies a vintage 1948 Navion, originally owned by his grandfather. Aviation is an integral part of his explorer’s lifestyle.

His knowledge of the world of aviation and its history, together with his own piloting skills, made the educational and entertaining "Air Racers" the perfect project to mark Christian’s debut directing a film for IMAX theatres.

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