Raúl Leckie

A love of travel, an adventuresome spirit and a desire to tell stories have been the major influences in Raúl Leckie’s life. After graduating from Colgate University he worked on a number of wildlife documentary films as an editor and cameraman.

The first film Raúl produced introduced him to the world of aviation, sparking a lifelong fascination. The independent film, "The Boat in the Sky: A 35,000 Mile Pacific Odyssey", is a travel adventure story featuring a Grumman Albatross seaplane. In 1998 Raúl started his own production company, Nomad Productions, specializing in extreme location filming. In 2005, he was part of the first team to do live broadcasts, of the caribou migration, from forty miles inside the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Raúl then explored the world of remote controlled HD camera rigs in the extreme Alaskan wilderness to capture grizzly bear behavior. He produced a series of HD webisodes over a 110-mile microwave link, shooting and capturing remotely then editing and posting segments daily to National Geographic’s website and iTunes.

This successful 19-part webisode eventually aired on PBS. He continued working on documentaries and television shows for PBS, BBC, FOX, National Geographic, History Channel and the Discovery Channel. "Air Racers" is the first film project he has produced for IMAX theatres.

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