Jean-Jacques & Francois Mantello
Co-Director & Executive Producer

Jean-Jacques and Francois Mantello — The Mantello Brothers — have followed an atypical course through the international motion picture industry. Third-generation entrepreneurs, they created L’Equipage Video, the first digital video postproduction company in France to be located outside the Paris region, in 1990.

The following five years were spent providing post-production services to television, advertising agencies and audio-visual production companies. Also specialized in digital effects and CGI, this enterprise allowed the Brothers to hone their expertise in the field of new digital technologies.

In 1995, the Mantello Brothers decided to change course and launch themselves in the entertainment industry through the production of stereoscopic ride films for theme parks, thus becoming pioneers in the field. They went on to produce over 30 stereoscopic films, primarily through the use of CGI.

In 2000, the Mantello Brothers decided to combine their lifelong passion for the underwater world, diving experience and stereoscopic filmmaking expertise to raise awareness about ocean conservation and environmental issues.

They developed an ambitious plan in 2001 to produce a series of three 42-minute-long "edutainment" films for IMAX theatres, as well as a feature-length documentary. The Brothers each brought their own unique talents to this endeavor, creating a perfect symbiosis of skills: Jean-Jacques would direct the films and manage the entire postproduction process while Francois, an engineer by training, would produce, finance and oversee all distribution activities.

Between 2003 and 2010, they successfully produced and released theatrically "Ocean Wonderland 3D", "Sharks 3D" presented by Jean-Michel Cousteau, "Dolphins and Whales 3D" narrated by Daryl Hannah and "Ocean World 3D".

The latter was completed during the summer of 2008 after 26 filming expeditions in the four corners of the world.

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